Location Pointer GAMPAHA, SRI LANKA
coconut flakes grown here


The Sangamaya small-scale farmer group sustainably grows, harvests and processes organic and fair trade certified coconuts. Most farmers in this group have an average of two acres of land. Many of them grow a variety of other crops among their coconut trees, including banana, mango, passionfruit and limes. Fair trade has given the farmers access to technical training and tools to make their harvest more efficient. On average, one Sri Lankan coconut tree can produce 170 nuts per year when they are not experiencing a drought. Fair Trade Premiums have also funded the renovation of a computer training center where farmers have access to 15 computers.

Sangamaya farmer

A.M. Bandara Manike

coconut farmer

A.M. is a member of the Gampaha Kabanika Govinge Sangamaya group which was founded in 2011 with 25 farming families. They achieved Fair Trade Certification in 2012. She has two acres of land with about 50 coconut trees. She also grows mangos, which she sells in the local markets.


We appreciate the support of U.S. consumers and I would like them to know that fair trade helps our society and our people as a whole, to grow and thrive.


A.M. grew up in a small town called Kurunagala about 50 km from her current farm. She went to school until she was 12 years old and her favorite subject was Buddhism. She is now 73 years old, and lives with her husband and her youngest daughter.