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100% of our products are sourced directly from small-scale farmers

Strong relationships are the most important ingredient in everything we make. Small-scale, farmer-owned cooperatives can invest their profits directly into improving the quality of their products and the quality of life in their communities. And because we know our partners so well, we can work together on mutually beneficial programs.

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100% of our products are Fairtrade certified

That means the farmers have been paid a price that ensures sustainable production and living conditions, along with a premium to support the growth of the cooperatives and their communities. In a global food system where farmers often carry debt three times their annual income, Fairtrade provides concrete opportunities for a stable, prosperous life.

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going beyond a fair price

Beyond paying the Fairtrade premium every year, we provide our partners with targeted assistance for concerns such as food security, biodiversity and gender equality. We do so because we believe the health, happiness and future of the families who grow our food are just as vital as our own. When they have the resources to dream and plan, they can achieve miracles for themselves.

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