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No food system can be sustainable if it requires more resources than it yields. So we track our products from cradle to cradle. Or more accurately, soil to soil. If we can eliminate waste at the end of our product cycle, we can keep our environmental equation in balance. This is an ever-evolving process, as we learn how consumers handle their trash, and new technologies open up new possibilities.

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pioneering compostable solutions

Recyclable packaging is okay – we use it for the outer boxes of our bars and truffles. But when it came to the inner wrappers for our truffles – there was nothing but polyethylene plastic available. Not a single company had figured out how to make sustainable wrapper for these chocolate treats. So we started working with our partners and manufacturers to find solutions. It took a few years, but we launched the world’s first compostable, non-GMO, non-toxic candy wrappers. And we’re part of a coalition to encourage the rest of the industry to follow suit.

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considering the future of packaging

Compostable solutions might be the best we can do now, but they’re still energy-intensive and most neighborhoods don’t offer industrial composting. In the good news category, more and more people are focused on this issue, and new technologies are emerging every day. We’re committed to staying clear-eyed about our packaging choices, and staying at the forefront of the most sustainable solutions. Basically, we’re in this until we can drop our pouches and wrappers straight into our cars and fly away like Back to the Future – without a micron of emissions.

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pioneering compostable solutions

Gone4Good: Packaging That's Good Natured

Plastic packaging makes up over one sixth of the waste in United States landfills. It also sickens millions of fish and birds when they mistake it for food, and might even end up floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Some of this trash could have been recycled, but much of it can't – an estimated 17 BILLION plastic pouches were made in 2013, not one of them recyclable or compostable.

We felt the need to do something about it. After years of research, design and testing with like-minded companies, we debuted Gone4Good: the first compostable stand-up pouch made from renewable, plant-based, non-GMO materials. We call it Gone4Good because it goes back to where it came from when its useful life is over. With zero waste.

Our truffles are also wrapped in compostable wrappers, made of the same plant-based, non-GMO materials.

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