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These wrappers will decompose in my backyard? Really!?

We are more than thrilled to learn about an 8th grade science class in Los Gatos that not only asked this question but decided to find out for themselves just how it works. Hillbrook School science teacher, Brian Ravizza says, “they were applying what they know about chemical reactions and the factors that affect the rate of reactions…what better real life application than the decomposition of wrappers?! They were thrilled to be part of a real study where their findings could be put to ‘real use.’”

The results? Pure awesomeness.


Check out their reports on how the wrappers did in different environments

“The results of this experiment…the speed at which it decomposed, really surprised them and impressed them. Hopefully this leaves an impression so they think about their use of trash producing products and perhaps new alternatives”, said Ravizza.


At Alter Eco, we love to see the effects our products have on our community and the efforts people take to learn!


Learn more about how these wrappers decompose here!