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Sustainability is more than just important to us, it is a part of our core. We are constantly looking for ways to not only reduce our impact but to actually have a carbon negative impact on this planet. We realized that if packaging accounted for the third largest portion of our carbon emission, why not change that to be something positive for the environment?

So we did something about it! Check out what to do with your wrappers below. 


Yep – we went there! Your truffles are snugly wrapped in a groundbreaking compostable wrapper, made of birch and eucalyptus and printed with non-toxic ink that will fully decompose in backyards and compost bins.

 If you don’t have a compost bin, here are some other options: 

  • If you do have a compost pile, consider it a carbon-containing input, like leaves.
  •  Put it in the green bin (yard waste, or municipal compost pickup)
  • Bury it in your garden. Worms and plants love it!
  • Put it in your fireplace. It’s essentially a fancy looking piece of paper and will burn quickly and safely!
  • Do Not recycle it. It’s not recyclable material. It will be a contaminant to paper-recycling due to its “plasticized” nature.
  • If you have no other options, the correct one is straight up landfill.


Don’t believe us? On the left, watch this wrapper as it nearly decomposes in 6 short weeks in a home backyard! We also made the experiment at our office in our basil plant: watch the video on the right to see what’s left of a full wrapper after only 6 weeks. 




Go try it yourself at home and be sure to share your experiences with us!


Read more about home compostability here.


NOTE: We are working hard to make 100% of our packaging across our entire line as fully sustainable as possible. For now, please make sure to recycle what you cannot re-use!