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Sugar cane is harvested year-round by hand in the remote and lush fields of the Philippines



The sugar cane is gathered into bundles by farmers and loaded onto a truck to be brought to the processing center. 

Sugar cane bundles are brought back to the mill by trucks, where each bundle is weighed and producers are paid in part for their harvest. The rest of their payment is then distributed at the end of each month.

After weighing and sorting the sugar canes, they are crushed and the juice is extracted. The sugar cane juice is then clarified twice with lime juice, the most organic process there is.

The juice is then boiled and the liquid is pan-evaporated to remove liquid, leaving a mixture of glucose, saccharose and molasses.

As the remaining molasses cools, it is tumbled by 4 to 5 people by hand so that it does not solidify into a big chunk of caramel. The mixture is worked meticulously for about an hour, to make sure it cools evenly, resulting in a thick powder mixed with crunchy bits of caramelized molasses

Finally, the nutrient rich and flavorful sugar is packaged in a room just outside the mill and ready to enjoy!  Learn more about our sugar.