where our cacao comes from


UNOCACE Cooperative is an organisation of Ecuadorian cacao farmers established in 1999, producing ‘Cacao Nacional Arriba' – some of the highest quality cacao beans in the world. Their cacao stands out due to its unique flavors which result in a rich and delicious chocolate. The cooperative currently brings together about 1,300 small producers located in the provinces of Guayas, Los Ríos, El Oro and Bolivar, for a total production of 700 metric tons of Fair Trade and organic certified cacao annually. We work together with our Swiss chocolate makers to support UNOCACE in developing an agroforestry project aimed at increasing cacao farm productivity and bean quality. This also results in farmers having a competitive advantage with their heirloom "Cacao Nacional de Aroma Fino" beans.

Unocace farmer


cacao farmer

Name: Margo Maricela Boriga

Crop: cacao

Education: 6 years

Margo is 27 years old and lives in the house she grew up in with her mother, grandmother, brother, daughter and sister. She owns eight acres of land with her mom and has been a cacao farmer for as long as she can remember. She has seen non-organic farmers in her community using pesticides and chemicals on their fields. These farmers are suffering from cancers and skin problems, and are reducing the yield and quality of their cacao.


Biodiversity has improved my way of life by providing many different crops that I can use for my family and sell for income. They create better soil that in turn creates better crops – especially cacao.


Her goals for the future are to save enough money to make repairs to her house, which is 60 years old. She also dreams that her daughter will go to university to become a professional...and her daughter wants to be just like her mom.