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Nuevo Amanecer was founded in 2009. At the time it was named “Suma Kamaña” which, in Aymara language means “living well" but was later changed to the current name, “The New Dawn.” Harvesting by hand in some of the harshest conditions in the world, the farmers of Nuevo Amanecer benefit from a living wage thanks to Fair Trade practices. The group focuses on empowering farmers to sustain their environment through certified organic farming and traditional cultivation techniques. Nuevo Amanecer is located in Oruro, in the Southern High Lands of Bolivia (also known as the Altiplano Sur) at an elevation 12,000 feet. With less than 10 inches of rain per year, quinoa is the only crop that can grow is in this region. Quinoa and cattle (llama and sheep) are the sole source of food in the area.

nuevo amanecer farmer

Irineo Encinas

Irineo with his daughter in his quinoa field
Irineo with his daughter in his quinoa field

Name: Irineo Encinas

Product: royal quinoa

Education: high school graduate

Irineo grew up in small rural community in the Southern High Lands of Oruro, Bolivia, about 120 km north of Challapata. As a kid, his community had no electricity or running water: wood burnings stoves were used for cooking; candles and kerosene burners were used at night. He had to walk one hour each way to get to school and his classroom was 18 students of all levels. Now, thanks to the recent popularity of quinoa in the western world, these communities now enjoy all of the conveniences of a modern world. Irineo now lives in Urcuri with almost 100 hectares of land, but he only grows quinoa on 30 of those hectares. Since nothing else grows in the region, quinoa is his sole crop and he can harvest 50,000 pounds in a good year.


Fair Trade is a great incentive for us, so that we guarantee an organic product for the future. We are on our way to get the soil health back, using manure and compost. It has also helped to increase our own health and the development of our community.


Irineo wants Alter Eco quinoa consumers to know that his community is very thankful for their support. Because of Fair Trade, they were able to purchase machinery and equipment that made process and harvest much more efficient. So please continue to buy Fair Trade quinoa!