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Atilio Perez

Anapqui Cooperative (Quinoa)

Name: Atilio Perez

Age: 32

Product: Royal Quinoa

Education: Atilio finished grade school and four years of university. He studied business and economics in Chalapata.


Atilio is a proud father of 3 children – 1 girl and 2 boys. He lives about 45 miles from the nearest town and makes a living as both a professor and a farmer. He farms quinoa, barley, corn, potatoes and has 250 llamas. 90% of his income from both farming and teaching go directly to his childrens’ education. All of his children go to school and 1 is also starting to take over the farming practices. All of their farming methods are organic and they use technical practices to fight soil erosion.

Life on Atillo’s farm is simplified. The family has no telephone, radio, or daily access to a newspaper. Their meals are mostly quinoa soup and llama’s meat.


Family Status: Married, 3 kids (Michael, Rodrigo and Maria). He and his wife work on the land, their 3 children go to a school in Chalapata

Family Income: $4K per year from quinoa sales. Atilio also grows vegetables for home consumption

Production capacity: 1 ton of quinoa per year

Land: 3 hectares, 1.5 hectares is used for quinoa

Water Source: Local village well

Closest Hospital: 3 hour boat ride away

Closest School: 30 minute walk away