Alter EcoNourishing Foodie, Farmer and Field

Adelina Magbuana

Alter Trade Cooperative (Sugar)

Name: Adelina Magbuana

Age: 47

Product: Mascobado Sugar

Education: Little, some elementary level


Adelina has been working on a farm, harvesting sugar and rice for as long as she can remember. She recalls that, before the Fair Trade model, she and her family would cut down trees and burn land in order to have more space for their plantations. Now, through the aid of agro-technicians, Adelina is not only taught how to sustainably harvest her share of crops with respect to the environment, but also replants trees and creates crop diversity. 


Family Status: Married with children

Family Income: US $1,255.68 – $1,883.52 per year from sugar alone. She is also able to grow other crops such as jackfruit, rambutan, durian and lemongrass for an additional and independent income. 

Land: between 1/2 to 2 hectares

Water Source: Nearby river