What’s Hot

October 1st

Alter Eco’s unique chocolate range is made from organic cacao beans hand-harvested in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian coast, and blended to perfection by expert Swiss chocolatiers.

Pantry Pick: Bittersweet News

September 1st

The sublime flavors in Alter Eco’s latest bars ($4 each; alterecofoods.com) have also been shown to improve your outlook on life – at least according to our unofficial office research. The Salted Almonds bar is as rich and deeply nutty as you’d hope; Salt & Malt offers a toasty, crispy taste of nostalgia; and Super […]

What’s the deal with 70% dark chocolate

September 1st

A large study from Denmark confirms dark chocolate really is good for you. Eating just 30 grams (2-3 squares) a week cuts your chance of irregular heartbeat by 21 per cent, thanks to the cocoa.

Oxfam Spring Catalogue

September 1st

“I want everyone to know and feel the beauty of cacao, its traditions. It is my heritage that I want to pass on to my children, one that has given me a way of life.” -Guadalupe, fairtrade farmer from Ecuador.

Shelf Watch

August 1st

Chocolate lovers look no further than Alter Eco Dark Salted Almonds. It’s gluten-free and made with 70 per cent cocoa that’s certified organic and fairtrade.


August 1st

Alter Eco’s Organic Dark Mint Truffles boast Ecuadorian cacao that reveals a silky-smooth, oh-so-minty centre stirred with creamy milk, wholesome coconut oil and a mellowing touch of Madagascan vanilla.

What’s Hot

July 1st

Crafted with deep Swiss-made Ecuadorian chocolate, Alter Eco’s new organic and fair trade Salt & Malt and Dark Salted Almonds bars boast mouthwatering, melty flavours.

Alter Eco Sweetens Organic Sustainable Chocolate Portfolio with New Bars and Truffles

March 27th

Alter Eco®, pioneer of Fairtrade and organic foods carefully crafted to entice the senses, is giving chocolate lovers a reason to rejoice with the launch of three new flavours: Dark Salt & Malt, Dark Salted Almonds, and Dark Mint Truffles.