The Silky-Smooth Organic Bite

May 20th

Our rich chocolate concoctions transport taste buds and transform cacao farming communities in Ecuador and Peru.

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

April 1st

One of the Ethical Consumer Group guide’s most highly praised chocs, Alter Eco uses organic Peruvian cocoa to create some seriously wicked flavors, such as Dark Coconut Toffee and Dark Salted Brown Butter.  

Gimme Gimme Choc Treatment

April 1st

This milky-tasting, climate-changing bar is speckled with fine coconut and golden grains of toffee, and the 47% cocoa makes for a batter of buttery goodness. 

Ethical Easter

March 1st

Not only are Fair Trade organic products supporting third world growers and producers, as well as the natural environment, but they have the added bonus of being a delicious and much healthier chocolate option for everyone.