Winter treats: Alter Eco Truffle Chocolate

October 1st

Alter Eco Truffle Chocolate-Alter Eco is proud to introduce their newest organic, fair trade product line: truffles!

Take A Deeper Look Into

August 24th

Choc Til You Drop

August 14th

Quinoa Orange Dark Chocolate – This super-food-stuffed snack from sustainable superheroes Alter Eco is just one in their Certified Fairtrade chocolate selection.

Go with the Grain

June 12th

From the rice paddies of Thailand, Fairtrade company Alter Eco brings heirloom grains to your table.

Best for the World: Alter Eco Aims for Full Circle Sustainability

May 29th

Today we launch a new weekly series aimed at learning more about the 92 B Corporations who won the ‘Best for the World’ title earlier this year from nonprofit B Lab.  First we spotlight Alter Eco, a company that connects food with economic empowerment.

Alter Eco honored as one of B Corp’s Best of the Best for Overall Social and Environmental Impact

May 10th

All B Corps strive to be best for the world. By scoring in the top 10% of all B Corps for overall social and environmental impact, the following businesses are honored as the Best of the Best for Overall Impact. 

Alter Eco wins Environmental Stewardship in Whole Foods Market’s 2014 ‘Supplier Awards’

April 24th

AUSTIN, Texas (April 24, 2014) – Tuesday night, Whole Foods Market named Alter Eco the winner of its Environmental Stewardship award in the grocer’s coveted annual Supplier Awards.

Alter Ecoʼs Newest Chocolate Bars Give Chocolate Lovers Permission to Reignite Their Taste for Iconic Ingredients: Brown Butter and Salt

April 20th

The latest additions to Alter Ecoʼs line of Swiss style organic and Fair Trade chocolate bars draw on iconic ingredients that Americans have had to learn to resist – until now.

Gimme Gimme Choc Treatment

March 5th

There’s nothing quite like blowing the calorie count and saving the Amazon all in one bite.

Gluten-free Chocolate

March 1st

Sink your teeth into Alter Eco’s dark 80g and 20g chocolate bars.

Can fast-growing Alter Eco push the envelope on sustainability?

February 4th

Alter Eco is growing quickly and doing almost everything right, but the small company’s ambitions are to drive major change. —  Marc Gunther 4 February 2014      

A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

January 1st

Host Dr. V. Mayfield interviews Mathieu Senard cofounder of Alter Eco, a values-based brand of specialty food products that brings delicious, exotic, high-quality and healthy ingredients from around the world to consumers in the United States, directly benefiting small producers around the world.  

Food Bites: Featuring Alter Eco

January 1st

Alter Eco is a values-based brand of specialty food products that brings delicious, exotic, high quality and healthy ingredients from around the world to consumers, while directly benefiting small producers around the world.