What’s Hot

October 1st

Alter Eco’s unique chocolate range is made from organic cacao beans hand-harvested in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian coast, and blended to perfection by expert Swiss chocolatiers.

Pantry Pick: Bittersweet News

September 1st

The sublime flavors in Alter Eco’s latest bars ($4 each; alterecofoods.com) have also been shown to improve your outlook on life – at least according to our unofficial office research. The Salted Almonds bar is as rich and deeply nutty as you’d hope; Salt & Malt offers a toasty, crispy taste of nostalgia; and Super […]

What’s the deal with 70% dark chocolate

September 1st

A large study from Denmark confirms dark chocolate really is good for you. Eating just 30 grams (2-3 squares) a week cuts your chance of irregular heartbeat by 21 per cent, thanks to the cocoa.

Oxfam Spring Catalogue

September 1st

“I want everyone to know and feel the beauty of cacao, its traditions. It is my heritage that I want to pass on to my children, one that has given me a way of life.” -Guadalupe, fairtrade farmer from Ecuador.

Shelf Watch

August 1st

Chocolate lovers look no further than Alter Eco Dark Salted Almonds. It’s gluten-free and made with 70 per cent cocoa that’s certified organic and fairtrade.


August 1st

Alter Eco’s Organic Dark Mint Truffles boast Ecuadorian cacao that reveals a silky-smooth, oh-so-minty centre stirred with creamy milk, wholesome coconut oil and a mellowing touch of Madagascan vanilla.

What’s Hot

July 1st

Crafted with deep Swiss-made Ecuadorian chocolate, Alter Eco’s new organic and fair trade Salt & Malt and Dark Salted Almonds bars boast mouthwatering, melty flavours.

Alter Eco Sweetens Organic Sustainable Chocolate Portfolio with New Bars and Truffles

March 27th

Alter Eco®, pioneer of Fairtrade and organic foods carefully crafted to entice the senses, is giving chocolate lovers a reason to rejoice with the launch of three new flavours: Dark Salt & Malt, Dark Salted Almonds, and Dark Mint Truffles.

The Silky-Smooth Organic Bite

May 20th

Our rich chocolate concoctions transport taste buds and transform cacao farming communities in Ecuador and Peru.

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

April 1st

One of the Ethical Consumer Group guide’s most highly praised chocs, Alter Eco uses organic Peruvian cocoa to create some seriously wicked flavors, such as Dark Coconut Toffee and Dark Salted Brown Butter.  

Gimme Gimme Choc Treatment

April 1st

This milky-tasting, climate-changing bar is speckled with fine coconut and golden grains of toffee, and the 47% cocoa makes for a batter of buttery goodness. 

Ethical Easter

March 1st

Not only are Fair Trade organic products supporting third world growers and producers, as well as the natural environment, but they have the added bonus of being a delicious and much healthier chocolate option for everyone.

Quinoa superfood now too expensive for poor growers to eat

January 14th

Quinoa has gained rapidly in popularity in the past few years, so much so that it’s now a staple grain in many cafes, restaurants and ordinary diets, and it doesn’t appear to be falling out of favour any time soon.

Winter treats: Alter Eco Truffle Chocolate

October 1st

Alter Eco Truffle Chocolate-Alter Eco is proud to introduce their newest organic, fair trade product line: truffles!

Take A Deeper Look Into

August 24th

Choc Til You Drop

August 14th

Quinoa Orange Dark Chocolate – This super-food-stuffed snack from sustainable superheroes Alter Eco is just one in their Certified Fairtrade chocolate selection.

Go with the Grain

June 12th

From the rice paddies of Thailand, Fairtrade company Alter Eco brings heirloom grains to your table.

Best for the World: Alter Eco Aims for Full Circle Sustainability

May 29th

Today we launch a new weekly series aimed at learning more about the 92 B Corporations who won the ‘Best for the World’ title earlier this year from nonprofit B Lab.  First we spotlight Alter Eco, a company that connects food with economic empowerment.

Alter Eco honored as one of B Corp’s Best of the Best for Overall Social and Environmental Impact

May 10th

All B Corps strive to be best for the world. By scoring in the top 10% of all B Corps for overall social and environmental impact, the following businesses are honored as the Best of the Best for Overall Impact. 

Alter Eco wins Environmental Stewardship in Whole Foods Market’s 2014 ‘Supplier Awards’

April 24th

AUSTIN, Texas (April 24, 2014) – Tuesday night, Whole Foods Market named Alter Eco the winner of its Environmental Stewardship award in the grocer’s coveted annual Supplier Awards.

Alter Ecoʼs Newest Chocolate Bars Give Chocolate Lovers Permission to Reignite Their Taste for Iconic Ingredients: Brown Butter and Salt

April 20th

The latest additions to Alter Ecoʼs line of Swiss style organic and Fair Trade chocolate bars draw on iconic ingredients that Americans have had to learn to resist – until now.

Gimme Gimme Choc Treatment

March 5th

There’s nothing quite like blowing the calorie count and saving the Amazon all in one bite.

Gluten-free Chocolate

March 1st

Sink your teeth into Alter Eco’s dark 80g and 20g chocolate bars.

Can fast-growing Alter Eco push the envelope on sustainability?

February 4th

Alter Eco is growing quickly and doing almost everything right, but the small company’s ambitions are to drive major change. —  Marc Gunther 4 February 2014      

A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

January 1st

Host Dr. V. Mayfield interviews Mathieu Senard cofounder of Alter Eco, a values-based brand of specialty food products that brings delicious, exotic, high-quality and healthy ingredients from around the world to consumers in the United States, directly benefiting small producers around the world.  

Food Bites: Featuring Alter Eco

January 1st

Alter Eco is a values-based brand of specialty food products that brings delicious, exotic, high quality and healthy ingredients from around the world to consumers, while directly benefiting small producers around the world. 

Ethical Enterprise Award 2013 Finalist

December 16th

Finalists of the inaugural ethical enterprise award for the outstanding work in creating life changing impact.

Alter Eco Organic Fair Trade Truffles: A Classic Reinvented

November 23rd

The classic truffle reinvented — for a new consumer who’s health-conscious, socially-conscious and environmentally-conscious.  Alter Eco Foods is proud to introduce their newest organic, fair trade product line: truffles!  

Sustainable Foods From Around the World

November 1st

Alter Eco Chocolates

October 25th

Alter Eco had traveled to distant corners of the World to select the finest Fair Trade pure organic Peruvian and Ecuadorian cocoa and unrefined organic Mascobado cane sugar grown exclusively by small-scale farmers. 

The Slow Emporium: Guilt-free Treat

September 24th

It is a happy coincidence that the new favourite chocolate in the office has excellent fair trade credentials –  made with cacao beans harvested from a certified organic patch of the Peruvian Amazon and supporting a reforestation program.

Fair Crunch

September 1st

Get a guilt-free hit of chocolate with Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Organic Chocolate 80g, $5.95. 

Alter Eco Registers as Delaware’s First Benefit Corporation

August 1st

(Wilmington, DE – August 1, 2013) – Delaware Governor Jack Markell and Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock welcomed Alter Eco to register as Delaware public benefit corporations – PBC – on the statute’s first effective date, along with 16 other companies. 

Cultured Products: Heirloom Organic & Fairtrade Rice

July 25th

Alter Eco- “sustainable foods from around the world” Discover our Heirloom organic and Fairtrade rice varieties from Thailand. 

When Doing Good Meets Investing

July 12th

‘Benefit corporations’ have legal cover to put social goals above financial ones. What do investors need to know?

Can You Stomach The Truth About Quinoa?

July 11th

Quinoa has become America’s newest superfood. As the West becomes more obsessed with the crop, its South American farmers are paying the price. Would you eat quinoa if it caused others to starve?

Benefits of Quinoa Boom for Bolivia’s Poorest of Poor are Beyond Economic

June 25th

San Francisco – June 25, 2013 –Alter Eco, the only Fair Trade brand and the leading provider of organic Fair Trade quinoa in the U.S., helped shed light on how the quinoa boom has been a benefit to one of the poorest regions in Bolivia, and revealed the real challenges for this emerging industry that’s […]

Delicious Magazine Features Alter Eco Dark Quinoa and Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate Bars

April 1st

Annual Nutrition Guide 2013

January 24th

Chocolate Winner-A fresh burst of cool mint in organic dark chocolate sourced from Ecuador.

For One Food Company, the Key Ingredient for Success is Fairness

December 4th

Food company Alter Eco is attempting to create a holistic, sustainable global food distribution system, one that resolves those moral quandaries by inserting a crucial ingredient—fairness.

Alter Eco Receives the Non-GMO Project Verification for its Entire Line of Organic and Fair Trade Products

October 18th

Alter Eco, one of the country’s leading fair trade and sustainable food companies, announced that it has received the Non-GMO Project verification for its entire line of products. Committed to using only non-GMO ingredients since its creation in 2005, Alter Eco is now proud to have this claim verified by a third-party. 

How to Keep Your Chocolate Fix Healthy

June 6th

The virtues of chocolate just keep coming. A recent study found that eating dark chocolate every day over a decade may lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.  But before you indulge, make sure you make your chocolate treat healthy by remembering these tips.

Alter Eco receives the Acterra Award for Sustainability

June 1st

Alter Eco was honored to receive the Acterra’s 2012 Business Environmental Award in the category of Small Business for its commitment to small-scale farmers and to sustainable and fair trade practices.

Alter Eco’s Dark Coconut Toffee Bar: As Good as its Producer’s Politics

May 28th

Alter Eco’s new Dark Coconut Toffee 47% Cacao chocolate bar with butter and sea salt is our newest keep-away bar:  Keep it away from me or I’ll eat it all. It’s a good thing they only sent one, as a case would have gone down just as easily.

5 new fair trade foods and beverages from Expo West 2012

March 14th

At Expo West 2012 this past weekend, I had the good fortune of attending a rooftop cocktail party hosted by Fair Trade USA. 

Some Ways to Get Started as a Social Entrepreneur

June 22nd

With the economy still struggling, it may seem like an impossible time to start a do-good social venture. It can be hard enough to operate any business profitably — let alone one that also tries to improve the world. But some observers believe that the tough times may be increasing interest in social ventures.

Alter Eco is recognized as a San Francisco Green Business

July 9th

Our mission is to help San Francisco businesses adopt environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable. We achieve our mission by setting stringent criteria, providing technical assistance, and publicly recognizing and promoting Green Businesses with a seal that enables customers to shop in keeping with their values.

Alter Eco’s Tristan Lecomte Named One of TIME Magazine’s Top 100

April 29th

It’s an interdependent world we live in, and the work of Tristan Lecomte, 36, is the definition of interdependence. He has put into business common sense, which in business can be the least common of senses.

Peru hails Western carbon offsetting programmes

March 28th

Nestle Waters France wants to offset emissions from its factories in the west by buying trees in a rainforest thousands of miles away. It is not the first and it will not be the last time a multinational company publicly declares its green intentions.