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As much as we’d like to thank each and every one of our supporters by hand, it is unfortunately nearly impossible. Thanks to you all, we had one of our best years yet!



This past year we were able to….



  • Contribute to the growth of sustainable and small scale farmers by creating new partnerships with a cacao cooperative, Fortaleza, in Ecuador and a rice cooperative, Nan, in Thailand.
  • Launch an entirely brand new look, while keeping the same brand mission in-tact. As a matter of fact, our premium transferred to our partner cooperatives for development project has more than tripled to reach $145,000! 
  • Receive the Acterra Award for sustainability as well as the 3S Community Engagement award from the Global Sourcing Council
  • Plant 4,000 trees at both the Rice Fund Surin and Nan Cooperatives in Thailand to better prevent floods and recharge the soil with minerals and nutrients. 174 trees were also planted in one of our cacao coops, Acopagro, in Peru to promote agro-forestry, bio-diversity and diversification of revenues. 
  • Help implement community projects such as laptop donations to our quinoa coop, Anapqui, to improve data collection and communication between farmers and a tree nursery built at Acopagro to continue reforestation. 

Without your support, none of this would have been possible. Thank you from the Alter Eco team!